Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y ~ Yellow {Not anymore!}

Here's a quick little project I got done today in my "down" time. I have blue and yellow pots out back by the arbor, but I needed a few for the front porch {until I decide what I really want to do!}.
So, I took 3 from the back, bought a little paint and they were good as new!
Bye-bye yellow~Hello tan...
Bye-Bye Blue~ Hello Black...
Two things I learned:
1. I should have sanded the original blue pots. They had a bit of gloss and the paint didn't stick as nice as I would have liked. Therefore, I had to do two full coats.
2. I bought a less expensive paint at $0.99/can and another at $3.79/can.
The more expensive can had a fanned out spray with great coverage and a nozzle that was super easy to press. The other you had to hold down hard and my finger got sore!{waah...} and it had a more localized spray, which took longer to cover. Overall, both did the job, but it would come down to your personal preference! By the way, YES I got my disaster of an upstairs cleaned up!! Now I'm excited to get new paint, new sheets, shelving and a few other this n' thats to complete my very own craft room {super excited!} and a new guest/toy room! Woo Hoo!!!! See for yourself....