Monday, April 16, 2012

N ~ "N"ew Paint

Needing a change, I moved my daughter from her perfectly fine bedroom to the toy room! Of course, I moved the toy room to her "old" bedroom! Life, like it often does, got busy and she ended up with a "tan" room for quite some time. She didn't seem to mind, nor did my husband, but it bugged me every day!! My little bean needed some pop of color for her little personality. I let her pick the colors...pop is what I got! The blue is a bright, but soft blue...the pink on the other hand is quite dark, but still worked well! I had intended on painting a "chair rail" around the entire room in white, but once I got started it was impossible for me to make it perfectly straight and get it exactly like I wanted it. I gave up and bought vinyl paper from Home Depot. I think I liked this even better once it was up!! I used the Cricut to add the saying above her bed and a stencil I found at Ben Franklin. It had princess on the stencil as well, but I left that off.
Now here's her new room!