Friday, April 20, 2012

New Recipe {Sorta?!}

Yum-A-yum-Yum!!  It seems all I can think about is food!...
The sun was shining and I wanted to BBQ. I had hamburger on hand, but didn't want "just another burger", so I went to diggin' around to see what I could whip up! I found an onion, blue cheese crumbles and mushrooms...that's a start!
I sauteed the mushroom and onions {ya know how much moisture those put out when they're cooked! I didn't want a soaked burger} with butter, Johnnys seasoning salt and a splash of soy sauce. When they were done I drained all the juices and patted dry with paper towels. Then I got my burger patties ready...for each one I placed a heaping spoonful of my mushroom onion mix and blue cheese crumbles. I made sure to mix and mold them well in hopes of them not falling apart on the grill! While on the grill I sprinkled with more  Johnny's salt {this goes on everything in our house!} and that was it!
When the burgers were almost done I spread butter on some buns and placed them on the grill to toast a bit.