Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hearts are my big "thing" right now! It was flowers, then burlap (still not past this one!), buttons...now hearts!! I took this plain wooden letter, covered it with tiny little pale blue music sheet paper and then placed paper hearts of all sizes from the cricut all over it! I think it turned out pretty cute! A fun little somethin' to hang in my daughters room!...It would look darn cute done in buttons as well!

Girls Get-A-Way~Card Night~

What a wonderful Girls Get-A-Way!! Some might think we're crazy, but I'd totally do it this way again....
My girlfriend and I did fundraising for the Run Of Hope (Pediatric Brain Tumor Research) last year earning a night at the Four Seasons in Seattle...oh no, that's not all...a 50 minute message for two AND dinner at the restaurant!! It was a perfect little night away, fun shopping and great food! We shopped all day, had an amazingly yummy dinner...then went back to our room! Here's where some might think we're a bit nuts....in the city, no kids, ready to hit the town...NOPE! We went back to our room and got our craft on!! We hit IMPRESS on the way up and had to try out our new goodies (along with the 3 small suitcases we brought from home!)! We made some super cute cards! (I sent a few out right away to brighten a few unexpecting wonderful loved ones!!)
It's like they knew and put a crafting table in our room! Kudos Four Seasons!! I am absolutely going to do this again!!! (Thanks Kimmie!)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cricut Butterflies

I have a sweet love affair with my cricut! I love hearts, butterflies, birds, tree limbs....SO MANY THINGS!!! I've done two in hearts (each a little different) and now the butterflies!~ The sky is the limit for colors! Add a little quote...take away a butterfly for "miss you"... Love it!!

Blog Hop~ Enjoy!!!

Growing Your Blog Series~

Ok., I know I'm completely new to the blogging world, but I have to say WOW, I love it even more already! I don't have many peeps even reading this right now, but I'm stoked anyhoo!!!
When I decided to start I had absolutely NO IDEA of the magnitude of the blogging community. I read blogs, but before a few days ago I never "joined" and therefore never left comments...
That has all changed now!!! I hate to say, but I can't remember exactly how I came to be at the blog of Nichelle ( http://vwbblog.com ) but I'm glad I was! I love her blog! It's fun (funny!), creative and inspiring! Through hers I also found another great blog, Gentri Lee ( http://gentrilee.blogspot.com ). Being so new, these looked like some established ladies that might be willing to give some advice, so what could it hurt, I shot them an email. I'm embarrassed to say, but honestly I didn't think I'd get a response...WRONG! Not only did they respond that very day, but they were both so willing to help! What sweet gals! There's a great "Grow Your Blog Series/Hop" that was featured (don't know if that's really how you describe it!) on Nichelle's blog...AMAZING!! This is truly how my eyes were opened to the size of the blogging world! What a wonderful and helpful idea Kelly (Love this blog as well!) shared (http://livelaughrowe.blogspot.com ). Not only did she share this with us, but then acknowledged each blog that participated with a note! Ok, do you see how many participated??? Pretty Impressive!!!
After spending hours blog jumping I realized that there are SOOO MANY wonderful women and blogs out there and all seem very willing to support the blogging journey that I've chosen to enjoy! I'm thrilled to be taking this ride and can't wait to make some great bloggy friends!!! Now, grab your coffe, tea or drink of choice, turn off the TV, find a quiet cozy place, set a timer (ha!) and go bloggin' crazy when you check out above.....Let's face it, I couldn't get it to go where I wanted it!!! NEWBIE!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm not one that has to go out and get something new to wear for the holidays...let me rephrase that...not every holiday (some I do!), but I was looking for shoes for my husband and found the cutest little T-shirt at Macy's for Valentines Day! It's white with Love on it, hearts and a little bling! The price wasn't the best, but did I say how cute it was???...Oh well.... Of course my daughter "needed" a new cute little T as well, so we decided to make some ourselves! Out to Target we went where all of their solid T's are $5 bucks, moved onto JoAnn's where we scooped up some little bling dots ($9.99 for a big sheet, but used my 40% off coupon), iron on letters ($3.99) and a few sheets of felt (.25 cents each!) I think they turned out pretty cute for not much time and under $8 bucks each!!! Gotta love it! Simple, yet fun!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung~

Ahhhh spring time! A season of new beginnings!! I love to see all the spring animal babies running around and new sprouts of growth coming up from the ground and in the trees! Year before last I had the most beautiful bed of tulips. Seriously, they were amazing! Last year, not so sure what happened...totally hideous and those were only the ones that actually came up! I think it might have been a combo of the frosts and slugs...that's my theory anyway!
This year, it has been a bit on the cold and frosty side, but I've spread my preen and slug n' bug killer and so far so good! Ohhhh....I'm soooo keeping my fingers crossed this year!!!...Look at those cute little duffers coming up....

Chalk hearts

I saw wine glasses that had the bottoms done in chalk paint on Pinterest...super cute, but I'm one to tinker with my glass stem and bottom when I'm holding it, so I did our like this! It may not be for everyone, but it works for us!

Post Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I certainly did! We started our day off with heart shaped pancakes and ended it with a "restaurant style" dinner at home! The days leading up were filled with getting small gifts (chocolate golf balls for the hubby and a new heart night gown for our daughter), decorating the dining room and making cards!I have to say I was pretty proud of mine!! The day of was simply decorating the table and running to get a must...pink tulips...
It's the three of us so we talked about the 3 table topics: 1.) Worst part of your day 2.) A new thing your learned 3.)Best part of your Day! We acted fancy and used our best manners! A six year old came bring so much of the "little one" out in us, it's wonderful!
I'm reminded every day of how blessed I am! My husband brought tears to my eyes when we toasted to him saying, " Everyday is Valentine's to me because I love you both so very much!" Ahhh...
I know many of you didn't have a Valentine. For some it really didn't matter, but for others it was a big pill to swallow with it being thrown in your face the entire day. (Stay clear of the grocery stores!!) But as I said to a few...you may not have a Valentine, but it's a day about Love, so Love the fact that you can love yourself! Treat yourself to something special. Do something you usually wouldn't do! Take pride in the fact that your a great person!! I called and said "Happy Tuesday", but next year I think I'll send some Valentine's out to unexpected loved ones!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Act of Kindness

I came across a card today that made me stop and think about what a wonderful friend I have! Not too long ago she sent me a card out of the blue about friendship. I remember at the time how it made me feel good and it did the same thing today! I'll be sending out 3 cards tomorrow with the hopes that they will have the same affect that it had on me! You should do the same! Who wants to always get junk mail and bills! Make someones day a little brighter this week! If for no other reason that to let them know you're thinking of them!!!
Thanks Peggy!!

Fancy little trinket~

I'm so excited to blog that everything I see I'm ready to jump on and post! For example, I was organizing my craft closet this morning and came across these little place cards I did for my daughters tea party! Many of the girls took theirs home but these were left! Who knew using a paper clip could be so cute??!! I know there will be many more to do in my future, but the next time I'm going to paint the clip!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Puuurrrfect Valentine

This is what I spent half of the afternoon working on! I've created a little monster in my 6 year old when it comes to handmade invitations, cards, gifts and treats ! She found the "perfect" color pink for her cards...except it was all 12 X 12 paper! We need to make 30 cards...although we bought the perfect Barbie ones at the store last week! Oh, that's right, they were perfect last week...forgot we were in a new week! Only myself to blame!...I cut the cards to size, got the cricut busting out the hearts (I had to ink them), ordered and picked up wallet size pictures of the cat, printed up the little saying and bought a Happy Valentine's Stamp for the inside! Now the little bean has to put them all together! I'm not completely delusional, she'll do about 5 and I'll do the rest! At least she signs them all herself! We thought of this because our cats nose is in the perfect shape of a heart! I thought we were being so clever coming up with this and then a big 'ol needle popped my balloon and deflated me as I was browsing on Pinterest...there it was! Different yes, but same exact quote! Oh well, still cute!!

A "sign" or coincidence?

I didn't grow up going to church, therefore, I've never been a real religious person, but I do believe in God and choose to think there is something bigger out there to believe in! I also like to hold onto the hope that everything happens for a reason...even if it's impossible to see what that reason is at the time! Lastly, I like to think there are signs all around us that we can see or hear if we let ourselves!
On this particular morning, my daughter was having a hard time. She had a cold, was feeling lousy and was thinking about her best friend that had died. She needed a little mom time along with some hot honey lemon water. When I handed her the cup it was "fuzzy" at the top and when it settled there was a "sign" in her cup if I've ever seen one! The first thing that comes to any ones mind when thinking of Dani (her best friend that passed) is ladybugs! Ladybug and Dani are the same thing!...what do you see inside the cup?? Things like this can't help but warm your heart and put a tear in your eye! I like to think that Dani was sending her own little message to Jo! Big hugs to all the Angels above!!

Chalk or not to chalk?

There's usually no gray area when it comes to painting. You either love it or hate it! I happen to love it! Nothings better than slapping a coat of paint on a wall or the entire room and it feeling like a totally different place! It's cheap remodeling!
I was quite happy with the way my daughters toy room turned out! It took several days, but worth every drop of paint in my hair!

Project number 2, the chalkboard wall! I free handed the tree at the top, but I think it turned out o.k. The first week, lovin' the wall. It inspired my daughter to play school and she was diggin' it!
Week two, newness wearing off, but more than that it was getting hot pink chalk dust all over the carpet and the white base boards! Not to mention the erasers don't seem to erase the writting, just smear it around! Lesson learned on my cool mom idea! Yes, chalk in my face, but not giving up! I went strolling around Home Depot and found my savior...dry erase paint! That will now be my next weekend project! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Getting Started!

Today's the day! I literally had my daughter bring my cup of coffee to me in the shower so I could ponder on if I should start this blog? Would I have time to keep it up? Would anyone really read it? Lots to think about while I used up all of the hot water, but final decision, Here I am! I'm not the best at writing my thoughts. You'll be able to see that on your own! I'm not the dynamic blogger. I don't know how to do even 2% of what most do, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Ask me how to add a link to the sidebar...no idea but I know how to post!
This past year (and then some) hadn't gone exactly like I had planned. I'm so busy playing catch up everyday that I've almost forgotten to "fill my cup". Don't get me wrong, my cup is filled on a daily basis with the blessings of my husband (14 years next month) and my Daughter (she's 6), but I mean more on the creative side, my time stuff! The stuff I love to do to get my creative soul dancing! I used to scrap book like crazy. Now I'm lucky if I do one page in 3 months. I haven't gotten pictures developed in so long that when I finally looked back on them, I cried...not tears of sadness, but tears of my heart welling up in my eyes reliving those wonderful memories! Unfortunately I had to plug 20 disks in the computer to see them! Some of the tiny details getting forgotten!
Yes, 2011 hadn't gone as planned, but I'm still very blessed and I'm going to start remembering that on a daily basis. I'm starting this blog to help me do just that and keep me on track of "filling my cup" with the other things I love.
I read other blogs that make me laugh, cry, be inspired, say "what"???, and sit in ahhh...HOPEFULLY I can do the same for others as well! I know I'm not the only one who life tends to get away from...
Cup of Jo will truly be a little bit of everything!...Straight from the heart or the hip! It will be full of my craft craze, photography, Family, Friends, Food, Dabble in decorating, Things I love n' things not so fond of! You name it, it's probably going to be found in here!
I'm gong to post several things that are on my mind now to give ya a preview of what's to come and maybe, just maybe, you'll continue to check back in! Even if not one person checks out this blog, it's still me putting my big girl pants on, taking a little me time and keeping me going on extra things I love!!!
Thank you to all you bloggers out there who have inspired me!! I'm amazed at what a strong group of ladies you all are!!
Gid-E-Up!...Here goes to takin' the next step!