Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I certainly did! We started our day off with heart shaped pancakes and ended it with a "restaurant style" dinner at home! The days leading up were filled with getting small gifts (chocolate golf balls for the hubby and a new heart night gown for our daughter), decorating the dining room and making cards!I have to say I was pretty proud of mine!! The day of was simply decorating the table and running to get a tulips...
It's the three of us so we talked about the 3 table topics: 1.) Worst part of your day 2.) A new thing your learned 3.)Best part of your Day! We acted fancy and used our best manners! A six year old came bring so much of the "little one" out in us, it's wonderful!
I'm reminded every day of how blessed I am! My husband brought tears to my eyes when we toasted to him saying, " Everyday is Valentine's to me because I love you both so very much!" Ahhh...
I know many of you didn't have a Valentine. For some it really didn't matter, but for others it was a big pill to swallow with it being thrown in your face the entire day. (Stay clear of the grocery stores!!) But as I said to a may not have a Valentine, but it's a day about Love, so Love the fact that you can love yourself! Treat yourself to something special. Do something you usually wouldn't do! Take pride in the fact that your a great person!! I called and said "Happy Tuesday", but next year I think I'll send some Valentine's out to unexpected loved ones!!

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