Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Started!

Today's the day! I literally had my daughter bring my cup of coffee to me in the shower so I could ponder on if I should start this blog? Would I have time to keep it up? Would anyone really read it? Lots to think about while I used up all of the hot water, but final decision, Here I am! I'm not the best at writing my thoughts. You'll be able to see that on your own! I'm not the dynamic blogger. I don't know how to do even 2% of what most do, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Ask me how to add a link to the idea but I know how to post!
This past year (and then some) hadn't gone exactly like I had planned. I'm so busy playing catch up everyday that I've almost forgotten to "fill my cup". Don't get me wrong, my cup is filled on a daily basis with the blessings of my husband (14 years next month) and my Daughter (she's 6), but I mean more on the creative side, my time stuff! The stuff I love to do to get my creative soul dancing! I used to scrap book like crazy. Now I'm lucky if I do one page in 3 months. I haven't gotten pictures developed in so long that when I finally looked back on them, I cried...not tears of sadness, but tears of my heart welling up in my eyes reliving those wonderful memories! Unfortunately I had to plug 20 disks in the computer to see them! Some of the tiny details getting forgotten!
Yes, 2011 hadn't gone as planned, but I'm still very blessed and I'm going to start remembering that on a daily basis. I'm starting this blog to help me do just that and keep me on track of "filling my cup" with the other things I love.
I read other blogs that make me laugh, cry, be inspired, say "what"???, and sit in ahhh...HOPEFULLY I can do the same for others as well! I know I'm not the only one who life tends to get away from...
Cup of Jo will truly be a little bit of everything!...Straight from the heart or the hip! It will be full of my craft craze, photography, Family, Friends, Food, Dabble in decorating, Things I love n' things not so fond of! You name it, it's probably going to be found in here!
I'm gong to post several things that are on my mind now to give ya a preview of what's to come and maybe, just maybe, you'll continue to check back in! Even if not one person checks out this blog, it's still me putting my big girl pants on, taking a little me time and keeping me going on extra things I love!!!
Thank you to all you bloggers out there who have inspired me!! I'm amazed at what a strong group of ladies you all are!!
Gid-E-Up!...Here goes to takin' the next step!

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