Friday, February 10, 2012

The Puuurrrfect Valentine

This is what I spent half of the afternoon working on! I've created a little monster in my 6 year old when it comes to handmade invitations, cards, gifts and treats ! She found the "perfect" color pink for her cards...except it was all 12 X 12 paper! We need to make 30 cards...although we bought the perfect Barbie ones at the store last week! Oh, that's right, they were perfect last week...forgot we were in a new week! Only myself to blame!...I cut the cards to size, got the cricut busting out the hearts (I had to ink them), ordered and picked up wallet size pictures of the cat, printed up the little saying and bought a Happy Valentine's Stamp for the inside! Now the little bean has to put them all together! I'm not completely delusional, she'll do about 5 and I'll do the rest! At least she signs them all herself! We thought of this because our cats nose is in the perfect shape of a heart! I thought we were being so clever coming up with this and then a big 'ol needle popped my balloon and deflated me as I was browsing on Pinterest...there it was! Different yes, but same exact quote! Oh well, still cute!!

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