Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Kitty~ Good-bye Kitty~

Ya know, when people find out your pregnant you get ALLLL kinds of advice. You know exactly what I'm talking about! Then after you have kids it seems like you continuously hear, "Enjoy it now, they grow up so fast!" At first, I was like "yeah-yeah", now I'm, "It's sooooo true!!" I think I blinked and Kiley went from 2 to 7!! Her likes and dislikes change from one moment to the next!
Where's my little girl??? I'll find an outfit that I think is ADORABLE and she says, "Mom, I'm not a baby!" WHAT???!!! Maybe she'd wear it if I started sobbing! {But it truly wouldn't be about the outfit}
This all leads into, Hello Kitty... Aren't little girls supposed to love that little Kitty until they're at least 10+????
 This cute little duffer was in her bathroom and she decided that it could go. Noooo!!! It's great for storing all her fancy jewelry and hair pretties!

Sorry Jo, but it stays!.. How about a face lift??
I thought it would be a little more difficult than it was, but overall it was super easy!
The "facings" popped right off with a tad bit of muscle! It's all glue gun, that's it!!
So, to put it back together I did the exact same thing!
I added the little pull ribbon on the front {quick sew job}, wrapped the fabric around and glued it back down!
These new color will be what's in her bathroom when it's all done {another work in progress!}

{This picture makes the outer area look a little tanner than it is...picture it perfect!} 
Psst...remember that photo wall I mentioned in a post???  I'm super excited to be sharing it over at Ben Franklin!! {Picture me SOOOO excited!!!} I'd love for you to jump over and check it out!