Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spiderific Wreath~

When it's cold I can't wait for the sunshine, but I do have to say...I love Fall. This morning the chilly air almost had a bite to it, but by 11am it was an enjoyable warmth and now its a comfy 66 with a tiny bit of a breeze. Ahhhh, Fall...I missed you! {Smile!}

I never used to do any decorating for Halloween or for Thanksgiving for that matter, but since having our little one, it would be almost a crime if I didn't!  So, welcoming October and getting in the spirit of Halloween, I put together a wreath for our front door! Simple, yet just enough...

I had tossed a twig wreath out about a year ago and while I was out tinkering on my daughters playhouse I saw it laying out in an old wood pile. I pulled it from the weeds that held it down and dusted off the clumps of dried dirt...yep, I can use this!! With my love of paint, I had a can of black spray paint just waiting to be used. I didn't completely saturate it, but I sprayed it pretty darn good!

I found a little sign at Fred Meyer that was on sale with an additional 25% off {Score!!} along with some sparkly little critters. Total spent $8.00
My litter critters needed to blend in a bit more...I picked out some glitter glue n' glitter and GLITTERIZED!!!

When my little legged creatures were dry, I used a bit of glue to make sure they stayed in place!

The sign had a little ring at the top that was perfect to string the ribbon through. When it was all done it looked like this...
I'm thinking I might add a little cotton webbing....

Keeping on the spider theme, I have to say this is one of the coolest things I have seen with dew in a looooonnnngggg time!! This is what we saw looking out our kitchen window yesterday morning...
Seriously, how COOL is this!!!????? 


  1. GREAT WEB SHOTS! Omg I love them!!! Also your wreathe is cool but I do hate spiders *shudder* lol Even sparkly ones!

  2. Love it. Those pics of the web are amazing!

  3. That is TOO cool...They look like beautiful crystals. Your wreath is perfect for Halloween...:) thank you so much for sharing xo

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower! I'm really excited, too, because your blog is great! I'm loving these Halloween decorations... I love Halloween! I can't wait to read more from you!

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  5. I LOVE this wreath!! I thought about doing something simple like this, but I usually resort to doing things that are hard and take a long time:) I don't know why. LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog!!:)

  6. love all of funny that you took wreath out of dirt, what a mom!

  7. also, i thought the "dew" on the spider was a craft project....beads...
    can't believe that is real....