Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Hutch~

Good Morning!!
With Halloween right around the corner I figured I better get it together and share my "mantel" !!
OK, it's not a don't have one!
What I do have is a hutch that has become my mantel...yeah!!...
When we built our house forever ago, people used to ask, "Is there anything you'd change?" I couldn't ever think of anything, but once I had more time to craft, there is something...yep, that mantel! Don't get me wrong, I love our fireplace, but it could be tweaked a bit! It's hard because our TV is mounted to it! Oh well, it makes me find other little areas to decorate right?!
Now to the hutch!...It's a mixture of several "little projects"...

It started out as simple pumpkin painting. Then I realized we didn't use acrylic paint and it would come off being outdoors, so we needed somewhere indoors to put them! We added a few rub-on's as well! {We popped Jo's flowers from Girl Scouts over here too!}

I had some old fabric and since it was only a long triangle {still loving those square sewing projects!} I whipped out a runner!
Don't forger my little sparkly Wreath Crawlers, they had to added their creepy sparkle!

We all know I love Ben Franklin, these fun little glass containers are one more project from there! The ideas for these are endless!

These are little glass candle stick holders with "jars" glued to the top! {change the inside and ribbon by the season!} I can't wait for Thanksgiving for burlap, candy corn and acorns!!

This became....

This really is cuter in person! I used tulle and ribbon to make my fluffy pumpkin! 

These little blocks are something my daughter started! She saw something on line and wanted a "business" where she could make and sell them! {We'll see where that goes...her business changes monthly, but we made several Christmas & Thanksgiving one's for a craft bazaar and are doing well, so far!}
See the fun little spider stamp below??....Not sure what my thing is with spiders lately! I truly hate them and they give me the eebie geebies!!
The last addition was this picture created in PicMonkey! I'm learning so much about that site and love it a little more each day!!
I started with a regular picture {throw any one on there}, overlayed it with a triangle shape (merged the picture), changed the color and added text from there. Super easy!!

It's a quick and easy one for my first Halloween Hutch, but I'm excited for Fall.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Breakfast Bake~

My daughter's favorite "breakfast on the go" is Burger Kings Sausage, Egg and Cheese croissant. {Minus the cheese!} The other morning she gave me a bite {more like a small nibble} and it reminded me of a recipe my sister makes. This is another quick and simple one, which by now you should know, I love those kind!

What ya need:

Sausage~1 package {I use good 'ol Jimmy Deans}
crescent rolls~1 canister
6 eggs
1 box cream cheese
shredded cheddar cheese {This varies on how cheesy you prefer it}

What to do:
Cook the sausage completely, drain, put the cream cheese in and mix

Beat the eggs, add a splash of milk and scramble

Pop the crescent rolls open, roll them out out and press all the "dotted lines" together. Take a knife and cut lines on both sides about 1 inch thick.

 Place the Sausage mixture down the center, top with shredded cheddar cheese and place the egg on top of that. Fold the sides over the top and pinch it together.

Pop in the preheated oven {350} and bake for 12-15minutes {until golden brown}
Grab a glass of Orange Juice and you're good to go!
My daughter would have this every morning if I'd let her {and I'd make it}!
 I made an extra one, cut it into pieces and put it in the freezer. When we're on the go, I'll pop a slice in the microwave right in the zip lock baggie it's in! Hand it to my daughter and that's her "Burger King"! The crescent isn't as flaky, but still good!
Try something new this weekend!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Co-Hosting the October Hop!!~

Sooooo Excited for today!!

 Live Laugh Rowe   is a blog I vist on a daily basis and I'm thrilled to be Co-hosting the Blog Hop today!

Not to mention, I'm sharing company with some talented ladies!! 
Infinite Life Fitness {Make your own Carrot Chips}
Lines Across {Visit her sweet Etsy Shop!}
Mama Dweeb {Try this Mild Mango Salsa}
Mom 2 Memphis & Ruby {Need a fun Tuesday link up?!}
Speak Now {Want a perfect necklace?!}

So, go head if you haven't already, grab a cup of coffee, soda, hot chocolate, apple cider...whatever you enjoy, link up and visit awhile!

Are you ready to network??

Are you prepared to make some new bloggy friends??

Well, here's your chance!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Wall~

Time to share my photo wall {just incase you missed it over at Ben Franklin!}

Of all the craft stores around, Ben Franklin is my absolute FAVORITE! {No, I don't get paid to say that!}
When it came time to do my photo wall, there's no question where I would go to get what I needed to do it!
Seriously, have you seen what they have to offer?? Let me give you a peek...

I know!!!....You could stay there all day!!

O.k, back to me! {ha!}...
What I love about many of the frames is that you can get them "naked"! {Bare wood!}!  With a little paint, paper and modge podge you can "dress" them up any way you like!

Here's the ones I used and what I did to them!!...

The steps are easy and it goes the same for almost all of them...
*Paint the frame first
*Find paper you'd like to use {they have rows and rows of paper}
*If you're going to use a rub-on, now's the time to do it! {I couldn't count all they have if I tried!}
*Modge podge the entire thing! {Paper and painted frame}

You can see the little frames hanging from the bottom of this on the top picture. I simply used red paint and modge podge for those little guys too!!
This one has almost the same process, but I used a white 12 x 12 canvas {yes, from Ben Franklin} that I painted tan and placed inside the painted frame.I wanted the family picture to stand out a bit more, so I backed it with another color of paper and applied the rub-on directly onto the picture. Now, go ahead and cover that baby with modge podge!{Every crafter knows there's never too many bottle of this around!}

 These little shadow boxes are too fun! The ideas for them are endless!! I bought 2, one white and one black! It's always nice to have one on hand to whip up a gift!
I still put paper in the back, but then took an 8x8 picture and placed it right inside. The rub-on is directly on the glass this time, not the picture.
Can you see the little red-orange tag on the front?? Yes, it was on sale!! Another great thing about the frames is that the prices are VERY reasonable and they do go on sale! {whoot! whoot!!}

This ones no different, except the colors!

Oh yeah....this is one of my fav's!! You can get the flat wood square and do what you will!!
I slapped some paint around the edges where it would show, put down paper, painted the chip letters and more modge podge! Imagine it with different colors and a saying you love!!

This white frame is a good sturdy frame, but without the price tag! They have an entire wall of different sized frames with great prices... 2 for $8.00/ 2 for $10/ 2 for $12 ....I love the 2fers!!

 I love how it all turned out!! I've been redoing my office and this definitely finished it off!! I do have to admit, this is a fairly simple photo wall compared to what I could have done! I browsed the store for 2 hours {no lie} and could have come up with a number of different ideas, looks and frames!

Have you done any photo collages lately?
I have a few others that aren't part of my photo wall, but they were done from Ben Franklin goodies! Check them out here , here and my favorite here !!!

I'll be sharing the finished office soon!! Thank goodness that's 99% done...2 curtains left and it's ready to roll!!
Did you mark your calendars for this Sunday?? I'm co-hosting over at the lovely Kelly's!!
Whoot! Whoot!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Kitty~ Good-bye Kitty~

Ya know, when people find out your pregnant you get ALLLL kinds of advice. You know exactly what I'm talking about! Then after you have kids it seems like you continuously hear, "Enjoy it now, they grow up so fast!" At first, I was like "yeah-yeah", now I'm, "It's sooooo true!!" I think I blinked and Kiley went from 2 to 7!! Her likes and dislikes change from one moment to the next!
Where's my little girl??? I'll find an outfit that I think is ADORABLE and she says, "Mom, I'm not a baby!" WHAT???!!! Maybe she'd wear it if I started sobbing! {But it truly wouldn't be about the outfit}
This all leads into, Hello Kitty... Aren't little girls supposed to love that little Kitty until they're at least 10+????
 This cute little duffer was in her bathroom and she decided that it could go. Noooo!!! It's great for storing all her fancy jewelry and hair pretties!

Sorry Jo, but it stays!.. How about a face lift??
I thought it would be a little more difficult than it was, but overall it was super easy!
The "facings" popped right off with a tad bit of muscle! It's all glue gun, that's it!!
So, to put it back together I did the exact same thing!
I added the little pull ribbon on the front {quick sew job}, wrapped the fabric around and glued it back down!
These new color will be what's in her bathroom when it's all done {another work in progress!}

{This picture makes the outer area look a little tanner than it is...picture it perfect!} 
Psst...remember that photo wall I mentioned in a post???  I'm super excited to be sharing it over at Ben Franklin!! {Picture me SOOOO excited!!!} I'd love for you to jump over and check it out!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Spider Eggs!!

Ok, I've been having some fun today!

Keeping with the spider theme from the last post {JoJo, I know you'll love!} I made fun Halloween treats for my daughter and her friends! There's nothing wrong with the traditional candy, but as a crafter, I like to make something different! I wanted to make them for her entire class but that would get a little spendy {container $.99 / rub-on $.99/plus candy x 26 kiddos}! Maybe next year if I can find everything on sale after the holiday! {fingers crossed!}

I found all of the goodies to make this one at  my favorite craft store, Ben Franklin! They have the sixlets in all different colors {$4.99}which is so fun!!  These look yellow, but they're actually a neon green!  You could put any candy in the little "test tube" with another rub-on or ribbon {or both!}. I got a few extra for Valentine's Day and already have the idea cookin' in my head!

I found a world of fun stuff to add to my crafting collection today! Did I need it all, hmmm..probably not, but did I go ahead and get it, YEP! Yes, I should have been working,'s nice out, my daughters at school, husbands at work...I TOOK THE DAY OFF! {Good thing my hubby doesn't read this!} Oh, and I have to go back tomorrow! Yes, HAVE TO! They're having a customer appreciation day and I have a 40% off coupon and 20% off your total! I always say, ya have to spend money to save money! If ya realllllly think's a true statement!!

Speaking of Ben Franklin...stay tuned for my picture collage wall...I'll be sharing it over on their blog!! I'm sooooo excited!! {SQUEAL!!}

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spiderific Wreath~

When it's cold I can't wait for the sunshine, but I do have to say...I love Fall. This morning the chilly air almost had a bite to it, but by 11am it was an enjoyable warmth and now its a comfy 66 with a tiny bit of a breeze. Ahhhh, Fall...I missed you! {Smile!}

I never used to do any decorating for Halloween or for Thanksgiving for that matter, but since having our little one, it would be almost a crime if I didn't!  So, welcoming October and getting in the spirit of Halloween, I put together a wreath for our front door! Simple, yet just enough...

I had tossed a twig wreath out about a year ago and while I was out tinkering on my daughters playhouse I saw it laying out in an old wood pile. I pulled it from the weeds that held it down and dusted off the clumps of dried dirt...yep, I can use this!! With my love of paint, I had a can of black spray paint just waiting to be used. I didn't completely saturate it, but I sprayed it pretty darn good!

I found a little sign at Fred Meyer that was on sale with an additional 25% off {Score!!} along with some sparkly little critters. Total spent $8.00
My litter critters needed to blend in a bit more...I picked out some glitter glue n' glitter and GLITTERIZED!!!

When my little legged creatures were dry, I used a bit of glue to make sure they stayed in place!

The sign had a little ring at the top that was perfect to string the ribbon through. When it was all done it looked like this...
I'm thinking I might add a little cotton webbing....

Keeping on the spider theme, I have to say this is one of the coolest things I have seen with dew in a looooonnnngggg time!! This is what we saw looking out our kitchen window yesterday morning...
Seriously, how COOL is this!!!?????