Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Hutch~

Good Morning!!
With Halloween right around the corner I figured I better get it together and share my "mantel" !!
OK, it's not a don't have one!
What I do have is a hutch that has become my mantel...yeah!!...
When we built our house forever ago, people used to ask, "Is there anything you'd change?" I couldn't ever think of anything, but once I had more time to craft, there is something...yep, that mantel! Don't get me wrong, I love our fireplace, but it could be tweaked a bit! It's hard because our TV is mounted to it! Oh well, it makes me find other little areas to decorate right?!
Now to the hutch!...It's a mixture of several "little projects"...

It started out as simple pumpkin painting. Then I realized we didn't use acrylic paint and it would come off being outdoors, so we needed somewhere indoors to put them! We added a few rub-on's as well! {We popped Jo's flowers from Girl Scouts over here too!}

I had some old fabric and since it was only a long triangle {still loving those square sewing projects!} I whipped out a runner!
Don't forger my little sparkly Wreath Crawlers, they had to added their creepy sparkle!

We all know I love Ben Franklin, these fun little glass containers are one more project from there! The ideas for these are endless!

These are little glass candle stick holders with "jars" glued to the top! {change the inside and ribbon by the season!} I can't wait for Thanksgiving for burlap, candy corn and acorns!!

This became....

This really is cuter in person! I used tulle and ribbon to make my fluffy pumpkin! 

These little blocks are something my daughter started! She saw something on line and wanted a "business" where she could make and sell them! {We'll see where that goes...her business changes monthly, but we made several Christmas & Thanksgiving one's for a craft bazaar and are doing well, so far!}
See the fun little spider stamp below??....Not sure what my thing is with spiders lately! I truly hate them and they give me the eebie geebies!!
The last addition was this picture created in PicMonkey! I'm learning so much about that site and love it a little more each day!!
I started with a regular picture {throw any one on there}, overlayed it with a triangle shape (merged the picture), changed the color and added text from there. Super easy!!

It's a quick and easy one for my first Halloween Hutch, but I'm excited for Fall.....


  1. I think a Halloween Hutch is a very great replacement for a Mantel. :) Super cute!!

  2. I like the hutch better b/c it has more shelves, so more room for cool crafty stuff!!!

  3. So creative! I love black!!! It is awesome!

  4. Love your "mantel" and your creativity in making the hutch your centerpiece. I'm having a thing for spiders lately too - just not real ones.

  5. That looks amazing! Love the hutch, too--it's so fun to decorate for any occasion!