Friday, October 19, 2012

Photo Wall~

Time to share my photo wall {just incase you missed it over at Ben Franklin!}

Of all the craft stores around, Ben Franklin is my absolute FAVORITE! {No, I don't get paid to say that!}
When it came time to do my photo wall, there's no question where I would go to get what I needed to do it!
Seriously, have you seen what they have to offer?? Let me give you a peek...

I know!!!....You could stay there all day!!

O.k, back to me! {ha!}...
What I love about many of the frames is that you can get them "naked"! {Bare wood!}!  With a little paint, paper and modge podge you can "dress" them up any way you like!

Here's the ones I used and what I did to them!!...

The steps are easy and it goes the same for almost all of them...
*Paint the frame first
*Find paper you'd like to use {they have rows and rows of paper}
*If you're going to use a rub-on, now's the time to do it! {I couldn't count all they have if I tried!}
*Modge podge the entire thing! {Paper and painted frame}

You can see the little frames hanging from the bottom of this on the top picture. I simply used red paint and modge podge for those little guys too!!
This one has almost the same process, but I used a white 12 x 12 canvas {yes, from Ben Franklin} that I painted tan and placed inside the painted frame.I wanted the family picture to stand out a bit more, so I backed it with another color of paper and applied the rub-on directly onto the picture. Now, go ahead and cover that baby with modge podge!{Every crafter knows there's never too many bottle of this around!}

 These little shadow boxes are too fun! The ideas for them are endless!! I bought 2, one white and one black! It's always nice to have one on hand to whip up a gift!
I still put paper in the back, but then took an 8x8 picture and placed it right inside. The rub-on is directly on the glass this time, not the picture.
Can you see the little red-orange tag on the front?? Yes, it was on sale!! Another great thing about the frames is that the prices are VERY reasonable and they do go on sale! {whoot! whoot!!}

This ones no different, except the colors!

Oh yeah....this is one of my fav's!! You can get the flat wood square and do what you will!!
I slapped some paint around the edges where it would show, put down paper, painted the chip letters and more modge podge! Imagine it with different colors and a saying you love!!

This white frame is a good sturdy frame, but without the price tag! They have an entire wall of different sized frames with great prices... 2 for $8.00/ 2 for $10/ 2 for $12 ....I love the 2fers!!

 I love how it all turned out!! I've been redoing my office and this definitely finished it off!! I do have to admit, this is a fairly simple photo wall compared to what I could have done! I browsed the store for 2 hours {no lie} and could have come up with a number of different ideas, looks and frames!

Have you done any photo collages lately?
I have a few others that aren't part of my photo wall, but they were done from Ben Franklin goodies! Check them out here , here and my favorite here !!!

I'll be sharing the finished office soon!! Thank goodness that's 99% done...2 curtains left and it's ready to roll!!
Did you mark your calendars for this Sunday?? I'm co-hosting over at the lovely Kelly's!!
Whoot! Whoot!!