Friday, November 2, 2012

Time for glasses~

I had always heard that once I turned 40 I'd need cheaters. Well, I turned the big 4-0 last year and didn't need them {"nanny nanny boo boo!"}~ then I turned 41...CLICK~ just like a switch was turned on it happened~ I did need eyeglasses!!

Weird thing was, I didn't notice because the words looked blurry or I was getting a headache, it  was my neck! Like many, {I KNOW I'm not alone here!} I'm on my iphone a little {ha! A LOT!} and as my neck started to ache I became more and more aware of it...I was tilting my head back to make the screen a bit farther away to read it. Holy smokes, I did need cheaters!!

 Introducing  my "Joey Blues" from!
It took me and my daughter awhile to pick out the perfect pair!
Seriously, there's a large selection!

Several of my friends weren't all that thrilled about turning 40 or having to get glasses. Me on the other hand, I welcomed 40 and watched for the UPS man like I was waiting for Santa!!
 The best thing was the Virtual Mirror...look for yourself!!

You can upload a picture of yourself {or use your web cam} and "try" glasses on!

I'll be honest, I uploaded my husbands picture as well and let Kiley Jo go to town! I think he ended with a little purple number! That feature was awesome help in choosing a pair!! {Rather their cheaters or perscription glasses}!

They came in this nice little sturdy case that stays shut! That helps when I toss it in the bottomless black purse!!

It also came with this to wipe those smudges away!!
Ahhhhh...I can see, I can see!!!
My daughter says, "Mom, you look Super Smart!"
If that's the case, I need several pairs!!! Plus, I can see!!!
{You could look "super smart"
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Enjoy!! Kristy
*I received product or compensation for this post, but it's 100% my opinion!