Sunday, September 30, 2012

Muffin Pancakes~

When your up early making the hubby's lunch, trying to get your 7 year old ready for school {begging her to just pick an outfit already!}, along with getting yourself ready for the day, it's hard to be "on top of your game" every morning! {Might just be me, but I hope not!} Anything to make my morning a bit easier is more than welcome! These little babies do just that!!

I was getting out all the goods for breakfast {pancakes, eggs and sausage} and my daughter was talking about how she likes to dip her bacon and sausage in syrup. Hmmmm....I do too....
Instead of making the traditional pancakes, I preheated the oven!!
I cooked the sausage in a skillet, drained the oil and set aside. I mixed the Bisquick for pancakes exactly like it said on the box and then added a splash more of milk. (My thought was they might dry out a bit in the oven.) I poured the mix into muffin tins and topped each  with the cooked sausage.

I placed them in the preheated convection oven {350} for 12 minutes.
That was perfect timing {for my oven}!!

We needed to do a taste testing {of course!!}, so we topped with a bit of butter n' syrup and ate up!!

Now back to making my mornings easier...

I let these cool, put them in a gallon zip lock and popped them in the freezer!
We took 2 out this morning and in less than 1 minute in the microwave they were ready to eat!! Nice!!! Oh, and still quite tasty!! This will save me quite a bit of time in the morning!! LOVE IT!
Mark your calendars!!!!