Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J ~ for Jo, JoJo, Jobean...

J is for my little Kiley Jo...nicknamed Jo, JoJo, Jobean, Peanut, Sweet Pea...there's several more...
I know over her {almost} 7 years of life she's been with me more than she's been without me. With the exception of this year when she started first grade and is going full days. She's become quite the "mini me"! I hear it in things she says all the time! {So does everyone else!}
She loves to play and be outside, but what I've come to realize is that she's also taking on the things I love to do. She loves to craft, take pictures, cook and decorate!
She knows I've started blogging {HAS to see what was posted daily} and last night as we're making dinner, she decides she's going to "make her own side dish", but she wanted me to get my camera!...She's thinking she's going to blog about it! LOVE IT!! After dinner and our 10 min. tidy, we head up stairs to "start her blog"! She even came up with her own name! {Which yes, I find super cute!} I'll be sharing the details later...but here's a picture of her "side dish"!
There are SEVERAL pictures of each item and how it was "prepared", but I'll share just one!
I love this little crafty mama's bean!!
It's a can of corn, diced up mushrooms, chopped up red bell pepper, butter, Johnny's Salt, little soy sauce and sprinkled with Shredded Cheddar Cheese...Microwave for 2 minutes and ready to serve! {Smile} It actually didn't taste too bad! Her dad had seconds...Good Man!!


  1. Hey that looks pretty darn good to me!!!! Veggies, cheese...What's not to love? And good for her for starting her bloggy too.

  2. How fun that she wants to blog too! That is so sweet!