Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I ~ Invitations

I love to craft, bet no one knew that! {Ha!}... so, when it comes to birthdays and parties I have to hand make the invitations and "embellishments"!!! Here's a few from my daughters birthday parties. By the way, I can't wait for this weekend. It's her 7th birthday and it's full of zebra stripes and hot pink! Love it!! I can't wait to share the pictures of it!!

The Tangled Movie came out just in time for her to have the Tangled Theme with a showing of the movie and popcorn!! This was a super fun party! This is a 3 layered card, printed on card stock straight from the printer and lots of braided yarn!
Each invitation had a movie ticket with a perforated side just like the theatre!
Ahh...Tiana's dress from Princess and the Frog! It's a little more green and glittery than the picture! Cut out of hard glittery card stock with the party info printed on a transparency and then cut to fit the dress!
This year, fun zebra n' pink with pedicures!! We've made fun pillows and flops....Have to share those soon!! Each little girl invited has their initial on the invite! This paper is fuzzy to the touch and the heart is those little "bling" dots! Plus, you can't go wrong with the twine!
Very into Princess {as if you couldn't tell by now!}...this was a cut out of a dress on pink patterned paper, placed on paisley blue paper...just dark enough that it would show through the vellum. It has a fuzzy fabric belt for a touch of something! Pink brads and placed in a 4 fold envelope and we were good to go!
Not only do I l love to do this kind of thing, but my daughter is so appreciative and now she's at the age that she loves to help! Makes is that much more special when looking back on it!!


  1. I love crafty blogs. Card making is so much fun.
    Visiting via the A-Z blogging challenge and have decided to follow.
    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

  2. Those are awesome cards!!! I love to make them too!!!

  3. YOU are such an awesome mama, & one talented lady. OMGosh. You gave me the best idea for an invite! LOVE the movie ticket, & Tangled... ok love em all! Lol.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!!

  4. Great invitations! You have such cute ideas!! I need to get thinking on a theme for my little Madeline's 2nd birthday coming up in August so I can make some extra cute invitiations :)

  5. Hi, Kristy! The invitations look great! What fun and creative ideas for birthday party themes. I especially love the zebra one since it's my favorite animal and I'm obsessed with zebra print!!!

    Hope you're having a great week and happy A to Z!!