Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Posh Zebra Pillow~

If it wasn't for the A to Z Challenge going on right now, I don't know if anyone would have seen me the last 2 weeks! It seems like since I started my blog, all these new obstacles are getting put in my way and I'm being challenged to keep moving forward with it! Man it gets hard, but I'm not stoppin'! I haven't had any of my "crafty" days in 2 whole weeks!...BUT thank goodness for my daughter's birthday, because I would have to no longer be on this planet not to get her party together perfectly!!! Here's what I've stayed home today to get done! This is only my little one's, but I'll share everything soon!!

First I cut my fabric 13" x 15", cut a 6" letter K out and cut the 13" fuzzy strips for the sides.I sewed the letter on first, obviously ya can't do that once it sewn together.
I wanted a little heart bling to match what was on the invites, so I cut a template out to follow
I used these from Joann's. They're $19.99, but I used my 40% off coupon which helped.
They stick, but not well, so I used fabric fusion...Love this even if it is a little runny!
Here it is done....
Time to Sew! I faced the fabric inside out and placed my fringe so the long pieces faced inward. That way they'd be facing the right way when it was done.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho a sewing I will go....Pinned it so it would stay in place.

Make sure to leave about a 6 inch opening to turn it right side out and be able to stuff it!

I always over stuff!!...Once it gets used it starts to flatten out.

Here it is completed!! This whole party theme is so much fun!!!!


  1. That is AWESOME!!!! I love it!!!

  2. oh how did a great job..very creative!

  3. My daughter Kaite would love that pillow. I love the Zebra print.

  4. This is gorgeous, swap that K for a T and my daughter would be stealing it.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My daughter would flip for it. I just need to learn how to use my sewing machine!

  6. That is adorable! My little sister would go gaga over this!

  7. This is so daughter would love something like this!

  8. I love this pillow and it will go perfectly with my daughters new room. Great job, and thanks for sharing! I'm glad I found you over at the 36th Avenue...I'm a new follower too. I would love if you stopped by to follow if you like. Nice to meet you , Lori