Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D ~ Daughter

Whew, thank goodness the day is not over! This is a terrible time for my computer to not work!!! I came back to work to post!!
D is for Daughter. The absolute joy of my life! ~ Little Kiley Jo~ What an amazing little blessing we have! After 6 cycles of IVF, yes 6, our amazing little bean was born in 2005! She turns 7 this month and I can't pick a favorite age! Every year has been amazing...even 2007 where she had to undergo open heart surgery. As kind as her heart is, I think they added a little extra love when they fixed it!!
I could gush for days! I truly didn't know my heart was able to hold this much love for someone!
I love my hubby, my family, but the love of a child is totally different! Gush~Gush...