Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge~ Rustic

I'm finally participating in Finagle a Foto Challenge over at Happy Jax! Hopefully this will get me to step it up and think outside the box!! This weeks Challenge is Rustic. When I think of rustic I think... barns, wood, iron, but mostly "old". It also makes me think of little things throughout my Country Home inside and out...
This old rustic red wheel barrow was my husbands grandpa's! We've had it for over 13 years and use it in our flower bed!
I love old window frames. They're unusable but there's something about them...I had several and felt the NEED to use them, so they now decorate the large wall going up the stair way!
This old highchair was a faded wood and not much good for anything, but I cleaned it up and painted it, now it sits in our dining room! {It needed a little love!}

Here's out little shed out in the back. We didn't paint it because we wanted it to be "weathered" and rustic looking. It sits right on the outside of our little rustic 3 rail wooden fence!
These are a few of what's rustic around my home! It all depends on what your definition of rustic is!


  1. Hello my dear! YAY. SOooo glad you joined us! These are all perfect examples of rustic! I just LOVE that high chair, & I too adore old window frames!

    Thanks so much for linking up! You should so make a habit out of it! lol)

  2. Great examples of rustic. Really like your old wheelbarrow.

  3. Awesome rustic pics!! LOVE your shed & your fence! :)

  4. GREAT shots! Never would've thought about using old windows like that.

  5. That old wheelbarrow takes me back. I'm pretty sure my grandfather's and my father's are still in duty at one of my brothers' homes.