Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U ~ Undeveloped

Oh my the A to Z challenge is almost over! I can't believe I've actually posted every day...sometimes just by the skosh of midnight, but I did it!
For today, my U is undeveloped! Years and years ago I was visiting my sister and found rolls upon rolls of undeveloped film. Without her knowing I took them and for her birthday I got 3/4 the bag developed. There were so many of her son when he was 2 and 3ish...plus others things that made us laugh til' our cheeks hurt! I tucked the rest away knowing that I'd surprise her again down the line. Well, while in the midst of me cleaning and organizing, guess what I've found??...I completely forgot that I had these! 12 more rolls!! My nephew's 16 now!! I'm taking them this week to get developed! What a fun found little treasure!!