Monday, April 23, 2012

T ~ Tutorial {Pillow}

T is for "tutorial"!
I've already shown the paint job in my daughters room, but now I'm trying to bring the accents and bedding together! By the time I'm done it will be time to re-do it! {That wouldn't hurt my feelings!}
My daughter woke up this morning and said, "Hey mom, let's do a little crafting!" I LOVE when she does that! Since she's had the flu and I haven't gotten anything done, I jumped on the chance!
I'm in a crazy pillow phase right now and still loving felt, so why not embrace it?!?
This is what what I came up with this morning!

First I cut hearts out of felt in 3 sizes:
(2) 2 1/4"
(18) 1 3/4"
(16) 1 1/4"
Along with my 14" x 14" fabric for the actual pillow
{Give or take a bit! Those who know me are well aware that I rarely measure anything! Gasp!!}
I also cut a green stem, but not sure where it went for this picture!
                                           For the center I took a 6" long piece of pink felt and an 8 1/2"
                                       piece of white, both 1/2" wide, and twisted them around. With the flap
                                       that was left, I glue gunned it across the back to hold it (for now!)

                             I sewed across the entire thing from top to bottom to make sure it
                             stayed together!
                             I placed all my first layer pieces down and started sewing! I sewed only the
                             bottom parts of the hearts (flower petals) down because I wanted them to be
                             able to flap around!

                               I kept layering and sewing each layer the same. At the end I took the
                               twisted flower I made and hand it was hand sewn into the middle!
I think it turned out pretty cute! Perfect for her bedding!!