Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Favorite things~ right now...

As I'm widdling through the things in my craft closet, trying to figure out what needs to be out in the open in my new craft room, I realized something...Holy cow do I have  A LOT of stuff! {My husbands not reading this right?!?}

Here are some pictures of my favorite things~ for now...

Buttons~ a must! Think about it, they're great for scrapbooking, sewing...every craft out there!!

Good 'ol Washi tape!...what can't you do with this little bit of heaven?

Ba`bing~ bakers twine! Love it in every color! This will be a favorite for weeks n' weeks!

Stamps~  I love getting cards even if they're not home made, but I'm a big giver of my own home grown!
 Candy dots ~ I truly haven't used these a lot, but I see others do great things with them..someday...

Clips ~ I've already gone through 2 packs of these! I love for everything to be out to inspire me!!

Scrabble tiles ~ I love making gifts with these babies!!

Ahhh...Paper, paper, paper...I LOVE PAPER AND WELCOME MY ADDICTION!!!
My addiction is actually on the patterned sheets, but I always need a solid backing!!!

 Twine n' Burlap ~ Need I say more?....These items rock!

 Moss ~ Now this is a new one for me, but I'm sure enjoying it! I'll be showing a lil' project next week! I wish it didn't smell though...yuck! ~ I know, sitll lovin' it!

I seriously am like a junkie with my craft goodies! I'm so glad my husband has his own addiction, golf! I can always toss that out when he even looks my way... as I'm carrying in yet another shopping bag!!
Along the craft line...check back tomorrow for a glimpse at what heaven must look like! {Totally kidding, but this place does ROCK!}


  1. i love looking at craft stuff--especially love buying them for my grand-kids---saying hi from the az challenge!

  2. Great stuff!!! My craft room is overflowing w/ my fave stuff too. I've been buying buttons lately too!