Sunday, May 20, 2012

Run Of Hope~Benefiting Children's Hospital

Here's my little Peanut at the Run of Hope last year! That is her best friend, Dani, in the picture that she lost 2 years ago to a brain tumor. I have to say, I'm so proud of my daughter for the love, compassion and true friendship she displayed over the last few months of Dani's life and it continues today! I know everyone has their "cause" that is near and dear to their hearts, but if you could take a quick minute to check out this one that is close to our hearts we'd sure appreciate it!
My daughters goal is to "raise more money than anyone", but we settled on $1500 (more would be great!) and she's up to $358! We're having a cupcake sale soon, selling necklaces she's making, a garage sale (she emptied out several things in her toy room and bedroom!)...and.....and....
You can visit the site here:
You can also visit her little piece of the bloggy world here: (You'd think she won the lotto when she got 3 followers!...Ahhh the simple things in life that make ya happy!)
Have a great rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!!