Thursday, May 10, 2012

Through the lens Thursday #1~Blossoms

I love the Spring~Summer blossoms! Here's some of my blossom fun the past few days!...Along with my favorite little blossom of all, Jo {of course}!!
Remember I said I wanted to start learning more about my camera???..Well, I've been reading tons online and tried a few settings instead of the "auto" every single time! These are just the first round...I will get better!!

I used the portrait setting here...I liked how it focused on her and blurred the background! Those of you that are photographers are probably laughing at me {not with me!} that I didn't know this already!

Here I lay on the ground and aimed upward. Not too much, but a little! I keep reading that you need to utilize your angles and get different shots! I love how the breeze blew a little section of her hair out at the right time! {There are fields and fields of these wild flowers in our neighborhood!}

Portrait again...only this time it did keep some of the closer flowers around her face in focus as well! I LOVE the color of the crab apple flowers! Too bad we only get them for two weeks out of the year!

 Now, if anyone has input here, I'LL TAKE IT!!...I tried to focus on the ladybug, but it blurred the little guy and focused on her face instead. How could I have made this an amazing picture?? the little flower setting on the camera. I'm sure there's a technical term for it, but it seems to have slipped my mind completely! I'm going to try to use this much more! I love the detail!!