Friday, May 4, 2012

AWESOME Artichoke Crab dip

Seriously, this is the best dip ever {and super simple}!!! I got this recipe from my brother-in-law years ago and it never gets old! Now, when reading the ingredients, I can't blame my B-I-L for the terminology of ingredients, that's exactly how it was passed on to him! I couldn't find my recipe card, so the quantities are what you want to make them. You can't mess this baby up {unless you dont' use enough mayo!}! You can make a big 'ol batch or a mini batch~ a big heaping bowl or individual little bowls...your choice! Now here we go...

Ingredients: {yes your reading them correctly}
*Shit pot full of Mayonnaise
*Shit pot full of shredded Parmesan cheese
*Imitation crab meat
*Green onion
*Artichoke hearts quartered (plain, not marinated or in oil!)

For the batch I made I used:
2 pack of imitation crab meat (12oz each)
Approx. 3/4+ of the jar of mayo (64oz jar) I used nearly the entire jar!
1 bundle of green onions, cutting of the bottoms and not using about 3 inches of the tops
2 packs of grated Parmesan ( 6oz each)
Salt: using the big refill container, I sprinkled it all across the top once before mixing
Pepper: using the big refill jar, I sprinkled it all across the top once before mixing
2 cans of the quartered artichoke hearts (14oz ea.)
I baked it on convection at 375 for 45 min to 1 hour~ keep an eye to see when it's wonderfully golden brown and boiling on the edges {it's the mayo oil}.

Just when you think you have enough Mayonnaise, ADD MORE....and MORE!! It needs to be mushy wet with Mayonnaise!

Tear the artichoke quarters apart so you don't have huge chunks and it distributes throughout the dish!
I can't say it enough~this is SO easy and SOOOOOO amazingly yummy! I've served it with tortilla chips or bread and it's wonderful any which way!