Friday, May 4, 2012

Sharing Fun for kids~

This by far is probably the easiest project I have ever done! Simple as it may be, it serves a purpose and my daughter is beaming with "proudness"! The other day Kiley made a comment that I don't show her "work" to daddy. I immediately said, "yes I do!" After thinking about it for a few more minutes...maybe I don't?!?!. I get it out of her backpack,her and I oohh and ahhh over it and then it gets put in "the pile". I'm sure she wants to get more of daddy's response since it's always positive, proud and adoring!! So, this is what I came up with! We always enter the house through the garage door {through the laundry room} and this wall is immediately as you walk through the laundry room door. Can't miss anything now can ya??! Now her daddy will see everything as well!!
I used thick twine and loop screws {simply twisted into the wall}, clothes pins modge pogded with scrapbook paper, calligraphy cricut cartridge (5in. not real dial) using vinyl and that was it! I'm thinking I'm going to take an extra step and paint the clothes pins black, but it's up and running for now!