Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chore Chart

I like everything to match or go together in my house. I usually can't put something somewhere if it doesn't go with the overall theme of the room. So when I decided my little one needed to start doing chores {OK, normal things she should be doing anyway!} I needed to create something that would "go" in the nook. My daughter found this plastic dry erase sheet, but I had a little something else in mind. I talked her into using it in her room with her "daughters"!
I found an old 12 x 12 frame in the closet that would work perfect! The glass had broken forever ago and it was begging to be used! The only thing I had to buy was a 12 x 12 sheet of aluminum that I picked up at Ben Franklin ($4.99). I already had the magnets, buttons, letters and scrapbook paper! Since it was a 12 x 12 picture frame, I didn't tack down the paper to the aluminum. It holds it together~ now I can change it whenever I want! Oh, the frame didn't have hangers on the back, I couldn't pick a place on the wall for it and I wanted Jo to be able to reach it, so a recipe book holder ended up being it's resting place!
It's simple and easy, but does the job!


  1. That's awesome! My mom always kept her list of things for me to do in her head, that way she could keep adding to it. lol

  2. This is so cute-clever- and perfect!!! I am going to have to do this- I LOVE the fact that it sits so nice her room! Great job..such a great job! So happy to have found your blog, I am enjoying checking out all your projects!! Jen