Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meatloaf Mini's~

O.K, so I try to make dinner every night. "Try" is the main word there!
It seems to be getting harder and harder to find the time to whip up good meals with having the store {Quizno's} and my daughters schedule getting busier!
So lately, I've been lovin' the crock pot and short cuts!!

I've gone back to going bulk shopping once a month, planning meals and cooking all day to get things in the freezer!

For the meatloaf...
I mixed up my meatloaf as usual and then put portions in a cupcake tin! When they were done I let them cool, flipped 'em out of the pan, put them in a 1 gallon zip lock and popped them into the freezer!
This way of doing meatloaf is wonderful!! When you get home at 6 and don't want to eat at 8, these little babies are done in 30!! Plus, no big clean up!!
You can pull out as many or as few as ya like! If my husband works late, Jo and I only need a couple!
 Works great in a pinch!!