Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lovely Lemonade Stand~

Woo Hoo Look at me! I did it! Last week one of my Friday Finds was by Kristyn,
Since we were having our garage sale benefiting Children's Hospital the following weekend and my little one was selling lemonade and cookies, this would be PERFECT!!

Hi-ho, Hi-ho off to Home Depot I go...
I bought (4) 2X4's  12'-0
(10) 6'-0 Cedar planks
All said and done, $38.00, Not too shabby!!

I've watched my husband use the chop saw many many hard could it be???
Well, it wasn't...once I called my dad and asked him how to get the "safety" off!
 Just have to pull this little pin out to get the head to lift up!!

Kristyn's cute stand had a top on it as well. I chose to use a 4-0 table we had {made it a little easier for me to make} and build a "cover" to go around it.

First, I cut all my cedar pieces down to 29 1/2". This was for the front and the sides.

Second, I cut the 2 x 4's down to make the frame.

I used long screws to put the frame together and used small nails to apply the cedar to it.

I used the paint I had left over (7 years ago!) when we painted Kiley's baby room!

Picked up some cute fabric at Joann's {using my 40% coupons!}
1/2 yard of each {3 patterns}
2 yards of one for the table cover and lil extra for bunting
Total spent: $17.00
{I used the fabric for this, but also had plenty left over for my fabric scrapbooks!}

My husband did have to help me add the top part, but other than that it was all me!!

Total spent: $55.00 Totally worth it!!

This will be fun for all Summer! Not to mention, I wrote the Lemonade in chalk, so it can easily be changed when we do the cupcake fundraiser at Quzino's in August!
SO MUCH FUN and my daughter LOVED IT!! She thinks I rock!! Ya think she'll still think that  when she's a teenager?? {Hope so!}

                                             Thanks so much for the inspiration Kristyn!!

Enjoy!! Kristy

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  1. What an awesome stand!!! I bet she gets lots of business!