Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mmm~ Strawberry Shortcake

Doesn't it seem like we're always looking for a new recipe to whip up and try?
On  the 4th of July my Sister-In-Law was in charge of dessert and good 'ol Strawberry Shortcake is what she brought. It totally hit the spot! I'm embarrassed to say, that I'd never made it before! I'm not sure stinkin' easy it is!! I made it yesterday for my neighbors and for us!! Makes sense with all the fresh, juicy, ripe strawberries in season!
Using the recipe from the Bisquick box, super quick and again, hit the spot!!
This just became my Summer, go to dessert! We're having friends over this weekend...I can whip it up ahead of time and it's quick to serve!...Perfect!
Would it be wrong to eat it for breakfast?? It has fruit....