Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stuffed "Friends"~

As I was "helping" my daughter clean her room we kept finding more "friends" that needed to go on her bed! I would rearrange them and say, "do you really need that one?" Of course she does!!...Then I got to thinking....Oh my gosh!...this is soooo my bed when I was little! You couldn't have enough stuffed friends!  Then ya feel bad if you leave one out! I had to keep smiling!
                                                                         I love this!!!
Each one she remembers who she got if from and why! Then she had to tell me what was special about each one!!

It can't be just me! Didn't you have fake furry friends???
                {Heart...sigh...} Rest in peace little your wings will work! {Butterfly}


  1. awww!!!!!! the care-bear brings back memories!

  2. I LOVE stuffies!!!!!!!! As an only child, my stuffed animals were my only friends growing up. I still love them. My ex-h loved them too, and he let me take them all with me when I left. My current love is not a stuffie person though...I don't see him getting me a teddy bear any time soon. lol That's this age I'd rather have a new recliner.