Thursday, August 2, 2012

Turning old little table into NEW!!!~

I thought this cute little table would be perfect for Jo's new playhouse {pictures of that coming soon!!} The little wicker one she had was getting too small, not to mention it was cracking 'n peeling. Yeah, it was time for the little guy to go... 
Of course being me, it needed a little pop of color!
So, here we go...

First found a cute shade of purple {another new "favorite" color of Kiley's}
I love Krylon! It goes on good!!
 I didn't want it to be too much purple, so I only painted 2 chairs and the table legs.
I repainted the white ones to perk them us as well!
I took the easy route and instead of removing all the decopage paper dolls, I bought cute 'lil cupcake fabric and make a table cloth instead! {I know, lazy!} To give it total cuteness, I added the pom-pom edging! 

Now with a cute little table cloth, I need {want} cute little cushions!
If you've been here for awhile you know I "wing" things, I'm not great at sewing and I just use what I have!
See below the wonderful Life and Cheerios box cut outs! {smile!}
I layed them on the seat and "made" my pattern! I had some 2" foam that I'd picked up for some reason {hmm..wonder what that was???...I'll know when I go to do it and it's not there!} and used it for the cushions!

Picked up some polk-a-dot fabric with my 40% off coupon at Joann's!
And Viola...

I layed the foam on top of the fabric and traced around it with a pencil making it some what bigger to allow for it being 2 inches's where my lack of expertise comes in...Once I sewed it up it was too big! That's where the inner sewing line came in. I snugged it around the faom and it actually worked a little better. Makes it kinda {ok, I said kinda!} look like a ruffle!

All together now...

It turned out pretty cute if ya ask me! Most of all, it fits perfectly in the playhouse!! Woo hoo!!

What have you given new life to lately??