Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinspired & Rewired~ Fabric

Usually I would post something tasty today, but instead I'm showing off my new curtains for the craft room! I'm linking it up to Pinspired & Rewired over at Ginger Snap Crafts! You've gotten a glimpse of these babies previously....which was my "Pinspiration"...

                                        Courtesy of ....  The 36th Avenue

Now, here's mine...I'm way into bunting right now & banners.... So, this is my take on them! Once the wall is painted and the picture frames are up...and....and...and....these will fit in Perfect!!!!
This "no-sew" thing is the way to go!!! Technically, they're not completely "no-sew"...they were, but then I put some stitching around the banner pieces to make them look better! At first I just had them folded over the curtain rod.