Sunday, June 3, 2012

Made for Monday #3~Cart Makeover

This was such a no brain-er.. .why didn't I think of it before??
I've moved this little rolling table around to at least 10 different spots in the garage trying to get it out of the way! It wasn't until I smacked my toe on it that I really "noticed" it!
Ahhh....that should go in the craft room, but it needed a little help first!
This is what the homeless little guy looked like first: Nice n' dirty with oil on the bottom shelf...yuck!

 Wiped it off and started with a fresh coat of paint!
 Used spray adhesive and covered the old "fake" laminate with fabric! "new" Cricut and Sewing Machine cart! You'll see it all loaded up when the craft room is complete! 


  1. I have a similar cart that I found at a garage sale a while back- I use it all the time but haven't actually done anything with it yet- you have given me some great inspiration!

  2. Great job! My old metal microwave cart was out in the garage for years, gathering dust and cobwebs till I had the time to rework it as a craft project. I never had the time. Then I moved back to the east coast and I took it with me. It's been pressed into service as a microwave cart again, in the kitchen of our rental home. I'm glad I at least hung onto it!!

  3. Wow you did such a fabulous job! I love it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and following me :) I'm your 99th follower! Who's going to be number 100?

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  5. Thank you for the inspiration! We have a very similar cart (equaly "ugly") I have always seen potential on it but the hubby doesn't want it to make it inside the house after we moved. The poor thing is sitting in the garage, I always wanted to use it in the kitchen to hold my indoor herb plants on top shelf and do something for the cats sleep on the lower ones. :)