Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party place cards~ Beachy!

Back after my daughter was born I was an online travel agent. I wanted to work from home and have a little income, so it worked perfectly. I focused on Destination Weddings...it was fun, but I have to say, there are some crazy moms out that are trying to re-live their wedding through their kids! Whew, Nuts!!
I loved having a booth and going to the trade shows! It was fun decorating and getting the booth to look inviting! I came across these little guys as I was doing a bit of Summer purging! They are perfect for a Beachy Theme anything!! You can use them as place settings for people, food cards, wine...Whatever works! I think I'll be changing their tags and using them for a Beachy wine tasting night! I'm in desperate need of Summer Sun!!!
I found the bag of shells at Walmart and I already had the twine, so this was a way Cheap-O easy craft!

 Ink the ends to make them look weathered....


  1. That's a great idea! And very fitting for my area of coastal Massachusetts/Cape Cod. I'll have to remember this if my boyfriend and I decide to have a public wedding or reception.

  2. Love these! I am pinning these! Kari