Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Finds!!!

O.K., this Lemonade stand SCREAMS Summer!! I absolutely LOVE it just so happens my Little Bean has a fundraising Lemonade/Cookie stand coming up on July 7th!! Woo Hoo what a treasure I have found!! Thank you Kristyn {and your hubby!} While my husband is golfing this weekend, I think he'll come back to see just how handy I can be!! If he just read that he'd be laughing so hard!! I like to THINK I'm an awesome handy-gal, but deep down I know I'm not...
until now darn it!!

Can't ya just taste these on a hot Summer day!! These would be fun festive treats to have the kiddos make! Love 'em! Thanks Amy!

Seriously, aren't there sooo many amazingly creative ladies out there?? I was looking at the blogs I follow this morning and I realized I "follow" A LOT! I'm not following so many because of the "I'll follow you if you follow me!" I truly want to get back to see what the person has posted next! I started following because I enjoyed what was there and love the inspiration I get from it or the good read! Many a nights my husband wakes up and rolls over to see the light of my phone in the dark of the night!  Some people read before bed, watch TV and many like me {you know you do!} visit lovely blogs!  {Oh...or Pinning!}


  1. That lemonade stand is so adorable! I'm sure it'll see LOTS of business! As for my creativity today, I encountered a major tie dye fail. I just can't get the dye into the folds of the shirt. It looks like I'm doing a great job till I unwrap the shirt only to find that 90% of it is still white. Sad isn't it?