Monday, June 11, 2012

Made for Monday #3~ Curved Shower Rod

I've been meaning to share this, but finally here it is!

This was such a quick change, but made such a big difference!

First, I tried to put this rod up "all by myself" {sounding like a like a little kid!} and put 3 extra holes in the wall that shouldn't be there! So, of course I had to spackle, sand and paint to fix 'em. {FYI, if you take the time to find the studs, you don't have to use the drywall anchors! They make a big 'ol hole and stop at the stud!} Luckily, I fixed it quite nicely before my husband got back in town! Then, just like my husband said {Darn him!}, "If you put that rod up it will make the shower curtain too short." We have such a tiny little lip on our shower...that of course, he was right! I had to put my thinking cap back on, but have no fear, I came up with a great idea! I had an extra shower curtain, so I cut it up to add a little something to the top and to the bottom! Problem Solved!! Ahhh....the extra room a curved shower curtain rod gives you! If you have the set up for it, Do IT, you'll love it!!
I picked mine up at Walmart for under $35.00.  

                                                              Tiny little lip..
From the inside... 
 Part of the cut up shower curtain with a little burlap strip added...
 Had plenty left to pop a little valance out for the window too...