Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Woo Hoo, look at me! Forty-one and fancy free!...Or plain NUTS!! I went out and surprised my daughter with Roller blades. Not for her, she already has some, but for me! I wanted something fun for us to do, give us a little exercise and enjoy the good weather {when it's here!}.
I was doing great right up until I fell flat back on my rear!! Oh man did it hurt!!
Here's our little conversation afterwards:
Me: "Jo, I think mom's going to cry..."
Kiley: Looks around... "Mom, get up no one saw you!"
So much for caring about my broken hiney!! Even after the fall, we kept going! Talk about fun! I'm ready for more sunny weather! If you haven't tried roller blading, it's a hoot and I highly recommend it! I think we giggled the entire 1 hr 45 min. we were out there!