Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P ~ Party Success!!

P is for Party Party Party!! I've you've dropped by in the past week you've already seen a sneak peak of the theme with the Zebra pillow.
Every year I love to go all out with the party planning!...My never ending excuse...she's only turning 5 once...she's only turning 6 once...AND NOW...She's only turning 7 once!!!
The thought process...
Every Mother's Day my daughter and I head out to get Mommy and Me Pedi's! {That's usually the only pedicure I get all year! ):} It's a special day and fun to do, soooo...why not do it for her birthday!? We decided on a Posh Pink n' Zebra Stripped Pedi Party! She invited 7 of her friends {all could come!}, which was perfect because the salon has 8 chairs all together!
Hmmm...what to make?? How to decorate???...
What does Jo like when we get our Pedicures??...Flops, something to drink, a pillow to lean on (since her legs aren't long enough) and something sweet to snack on! That's it!!...My wheels were rolling and here's what I came up with...

These flops were plain plastic flops, so I cut pink fabric to make rosettes. I used zebra felt for the leaves. They turned out super cute, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that would permanently stick the flowers on, so by the end of the day there were flowers a little bit of everywhere! They were fun while they lasted! {I tried tacky glue, rubber cement and super glue. I ended up using the glue gun.} I'd love any suggestions for the future!
I bought white bags at the Dollar Store and then used strips of fabric from the left over pillow material. Cut out a Fabric heart and added a little bling. I kept in the theme to keep it all tied together! The goodie bags had a pair of flip flops, the water bottle, a candy necklace n' ring and a little package that had a tiny bottle of polish and nail decals in it!

I found these plates and napkins at Walmart.

I also found these little tins at Walmart. Put a little Washi tape around it, filled it with M&M's, tied bakers twine on it and put a few little blings on the top! This was their little sweet to eat while enjoying their pedicure!

Since the light is hanging in the middle of the table {good place for it..ha!} I tied more fabric strips on it as well!
These water bottles were fun! I used the fringe from the pillows to wrap around them! I tacked them a bit with the glue gun, but the bakers twine is keeping it in place for the most part! I printed the Little tags on Zebra paper. (Just in case you could see the back side at all), used brads and placed a bling right on top of the brad!
You've seen the pillows already! Each one has the first letter of the little girls name! We started out with a heart bling on my daughters and found that to be A LOT of work! I had to glue each little "bling", so we moved onto do peace signs for the others! They're iron on! Woo Hoo!!! They used their pillows to lean on while getting their feet done!
This little banner is still from the left over fabric! My daughter wanted cupcakes, so I was tyring to be creative!For the cupcakes I used Zebra sugar paper from Michael's! It cuts just like regular paper!! It doesn't taste terrific, but once it's on the cupcake and you eat it with regular frosting you couldn't taste it!

It was super fun to plan and create! I loved the pattern and pop of pink! This group of girls are wonderful! They were so excited and had a blast!!