Thursday, April 12, 2012

K ~ Kristy, yep..Me!

For my continuing A to Z Challenge....Letter K is for, myself and I!!
I started blogging on February 10th, 2012. I had no idea where this little journey would take me, nor do I completely know now, but I'm happy to say I love where it's gone so far! I've been totally inspired by so many wonderful ladies and their lives, crafts, cooking, writing....the list could go on!! I have "met" amazing new gals that I know I'd be friends with if we lived closer!
I have 62 followers! That may seem like a small amount to many, but for me it's Huge! That's 62 people that have taken the time to see my little piece of the world! I remember my jaw dropping when I hit 30! Seems silly, but I truly love blogging! It's whatever I'm doing or thinking or making that day! I want people to want to follow because they enjoy what I post not because they have to for any other reason! I used to get emails saying, "I'm following you, now follow me back!" I used to do it because I didn't know.... Personally I think you should follow only if you like (or love!) what you're following. I've still got sooooo much to learn! I love blogs that help us newbies along! Great blogging tips and what they've learned along the way! The blogging community is massive! I had no idea when I started the sheer volume of bloggers. What I've also learned is what a supportive group it is!
I'm excited to be here and doing what I enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to visit, follow and comment...I'm blessed!!
Now before you leave....don't forget to jump over to Gingersnap Crafts and check out her giveaway!...It's one of my scrapbooks!! Woo Hoo! Ginger is celebrating her 1 yr bloggy birthday and you should go over and show her some love anyhoo! She's amazing and I promise you won't be disappointed following her blog! Simply, click below! Enjoy!!