Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O ~ Organization

Looky looky at me getting organized! I started getting my craft room organized awhile back, but it's been a work in progress, like so many other things!! I'd share my entire "craft space" but I'm saving that for a "reveal" when it's totally done! The room was painted yellow 7 years ago when we were expecting our little JoBean! Back then, yellow was good...today, not so much! I'm in the process of picking out colors...which means new bedding, curtains....the whole sha-bang! I want a soft, yet bright color to help keep my crafty sparks lit!! I'm also entertaining the idea of making a duvet cover. It's squarish, how hard could it be??? (; I say that now!
Anyhoo, here's some of my great finds in helping me get organized from Ikea! Going there again this Thursday...wonder what else I can find??!! I'm working on my craft closet and my kitchen drawers too!!

I made 2 of these boards for my craft room and 2 for my daughters room. The frames were plain wood, so I put a pop of tan on these, slapped in 12x12 foam board, stuck a piece of cork scrapbook paper on it, topped it off with a piece of burlap and then embellished with some fowers n' brads and called it good!

These little guys with the green lids are Truvia containers!
When the room is done I'll be covering the tops with fabric or paper to get rid of the green! They work great for all the "little" things!