Thursday, April 5, 2012

E ~ Egg-cellent Cleaner

OK, I know this is a stretch for E, is Easter tomorrow and why not play on the word...Com'on, give me a lil' room!...
We live out in the sticks and our home is on a well. Along with that lovely supply of water is not so lovely hard water spots, streaks, nast!! So, one day I was scrubbing the toilets and getting overly frustrated...I went out to the kitchen and there, lying on the table was my cricut wheels started turning...before I had another second to think, I grabbed that lil' tool and went to work!! Who knew??!!! It's wonderfully flat and worked perfect. I didn't think it was that sharp, but be careful, it is!! Now I have 2 of these little babies! One for the bathroom and one for my crafts! Seems silly, but had to share! I can't be the only one with hard water spots!!

Did I really just post this??? I make myself laugh!! (;