Friday, April 20, 2012

R ~ Rippin' Up

R ~ Sadly to say, this R is for rippin' up all my lovely tulips at the end of the season! They're all diseased!! I know it's hard to believe in this wonderfully rainy, cold state that something like this could happen! Grrrr! They've gotten too soggy! These tulips have always been the highlight of my Spring! They bloom at the perfect time each year right in time for my daughter's birthday. When I planted them 3 years ago they came up a beautiful pink {the color I bought!}, the next year they surprised me with a pop of pinkish-red and a few serious purple! This year a little more reddish pink! I had no idea tulips changed color??? When I called the nursery and they informed me my tulips days were counted, I couldn't (wouldn't) believe it, so I dug a few up and rushed them in! (To the flower doctor {ha!})
Same doom was announced! What a bummer!! They've actually come up more and better than I thought, but the greenery is not pretty! The leaves have some black spots, brown spots and dots all over!  This stinks! Humpf...There's me sharing my frustration!
ANY comments or suggestions are more than welcomed!...Any Green Thumbers out there with advice??