Friday, February 22, 2013

Turning Back Father Time~REAL RESULTS!

Yep, that's me kickin' Father Time in the Keester!!
I absolutely LOVE my skin "now" and want to share it with anyone and everyone that has skin!!
A little over a month ago, that wouldn't have been the case!
Back in December a sweet friend brought a new skin product to my attention. 
To be honest the initial thought in my head was,
"Great, MORE SKIN CRAP that promises the world!!"
I had an arsenal of 6 different brands under my bathroom sink as she spoke, which all did diddly squat, but waste my money!!
Then she said something thing that caught my attention...
"It's from the doctors that created ProActive".
Ok., I know 4 gals off the top of my head that use that and it works for them...
Hmmm...I'm open to hear a bit more...
She proceeds to tell me how it used to be one of the number one sellers in Dillards, Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms.
{I love Nordie!!.. I'm sure she knew that would keep my attention!}
After the doctors realized it was spreading like wildfire by word of mouth because of ecstatic, happy consumers, they stepped out of the box and went into direct sales!
Now my thought went to, "Oh crap!, She's started a new business, now I HAVE to buy to support her new venture!"
So, I did...
The two wonderful doctors that created ProActive are doing for aging what they've done for Acne! It's a medicinal approach and IT WORKS!!
The proof is in my pictures!
Real person, REAL Results!!
I grew up in Texas. I would lay on a rock like a lizard in the sun with the only sunscreen being coconut baby oil! I've never been a huge moisturizing person and after my full hysterectomy {July 2012} my face n' entire body was feeling it and I'm 2 yrs past the 40yr old marker!
I was aging and feelin' it!!

This will sound like an info commercial, but truly and for real, I noticed a difference in one week. My tone was more even, spots were lighter {some were gone!} and there was an all over smooth feel to my skin!
My "ah-ha" moment was 4 1/2 weeks in though.
It was like a true transformation of my skin!
I'm on week 6 now and still have 2 weeks to see more changes!!
It's a big joke with my husband because I'll text him out of the blue about my "stinkin' amazing skin" or he'll text me something and say, "hey, at least you have great skin!"
I didn't realize how negative I had gotten about my looks, but I did. I was feeling old and frumpy!
Now I don't!! I'm no Cameron Diaz or Heidi Klum, but I'm Rockin' in my own skin and it feels fabulous!!!

So, what did I do????? I jumped on board to sell it!
With using the product and sharing my results first hand, it's opened the door for so many who want  real results as well!
Within my first month I was able to pay for all my little ones extra curricular activities {Including my craft habit!}.
It's become my plan B, that I so desperately needed! Something I love and believe in that will help myself and others! WIN=WIN!  

What would you change about your skin????....
Acne? Redness? Sun Damage? Wrinkles?
Use this little tool to see what's good for you!!
All products are 60 day supplies {looks like mines going to last a bit longer!} and they all have a 60 day Money back guarantee! No questions asked!!

This is 42 ~ Redefined!!
I use mineral peptides, mascara and lip gloss now~ THAT'S IT!!!
What are you waiting for??? If we're breathing, we're aging!!!
Don't hesitate to email me or call me with any questions you might have! { }
I'm looking for those that want to change their skin and if you're in the market to start your own business, new business partners as well!!
Want to browse around??... {products} {business side of things}
I'm SOOO excited to see your results!!
Maybe I should give away a full regiment?!?!?


  1. Do you have to keep using the product to maintain the results?

  2. Hello JoJo! If Reverse is the best regiment for your skin, you'll use that until you get your desired results. I'm doing an extra month because I have product left. Then, of course, we're aging if we're breathing, so you could switch to Redefine, which is an anti-aging regiment as a preventative measure. Does that make sense? If you have a lot more questions or want to dig deep, email me at! I'd be more than happy to chat with ya!
    Hope all is well in your part of the world!