Friday, February 15, 2013

Post Valentine's Day~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sweethearts Day! We had a busy day as usual, but enjoyed it all the same!

For the first time I had a Valentine Wreath on our door! I'm aiming for 11 this month! One to represent each holiday! What would I have done for January?? Maybe stars or something for the "New Year"?? I didn't purposely miss it, but  maybe it's a good thing I did! {Smile!}

With my continuing love of fabric {no I haven't gotten over burlap yet} I found some with personality! Not to mention not the traditional pink, white and red! I think it turned out pretty cute!

I started with that green "scratchy" wreath with the flat backside! I think I like that better than the complete round anyway! What else do ya need?...
*Main fabric cut into 3-4 inch strips
*Felt in multiple colors
*Secondary fabric with accents to tie it all together {clearly the fabric is all your own choice!}
I busted out the sewing machine, but you could do stitching by hand as well!!

That's it! I didn't permanently attached the felt, so I could change it later! Do a little mix n' matching!

Besides the wreath we did a  little project for Kiley Jo's class! It was quite simple!
After browsing Ben Franklin we had everything we needed!

Long little plastic bags & sixletts {they get a great color for every holiday!}
We used the cricut to cut the hearts and attached with bakers twine!
Simple!!! & DONE!
We gave the teachers these little bags with misc. goodies inside. {erasers, candy, stickers...}
 I found these at the dollar store!
My hubby and my daughter got these little boxes!

Kiley's had hair ties, candy, lip gloss and other little trinkets in it.
I fit quite a bit in these little boxes I snagged from Pick Your Plum!
{Add washi tape, paper...craft it up however you choose!!}
After a full day at school with a party and Girl Scouts directly after with another party... we indulged in take out Mexican food and a movie at home to top off our night!
The movie was Journey 2. I wasn't quite sure about it at first because it was PG and being the mom I am, if it's not G, Kiley doesn't watch it, but 3 moms told me it was appropriate...which it ended up being. It's actually a great movie and pretty darn funny! We give it 2 thumbs up!
I hope everyone had a great day as well! From browsing blogs and checking out Pinterest, it appears you did!!


  1. Very cute stuff! I just don't have the room for decorations for the other holidays during the year. Otherwise I'd be crafting in red & pink right along with ya!

  2. What a cute Wreath!What a sweet gift!My daughter loves wearing headbands and hair ties too!I bet she was thrilled to get it!

  3. Love the Valentine's Wreath! Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.