Friday, November 2, 2012

Under Construction~

Like so many of you, I'm a crafter! We make things, we change them, we change them back, we make new things, we change old into new...there's an endless amount of craft mania!!
My blog is no different than my craft counter! I like to change it! Rather it's scrap booking my own header, using PicMonkey or something {anything} else, I like to do it! Now some may say that's the wrong thing to do {yes, I've heard that!}. They say that this is your "brand"... well, I'm still fairly new to blogging {9 months, but that's not full time} and I'm not sure I've come to find my "brand". Everyone who stops by here pretty much knows what they'll find and the name will never change, but the look...I have to say, will. Until I find that, Ahhh... I love it everyday when I pull it up, I'm going to have to tinker! Yes, I'll take the "constructive criticism" that comes along with it, but isn't that what our blogs are all about??..Us and what we like, don't like, LOVE, the good, the bad, the great things and the flops?? the next couple weeks you'll see changes. Hopefully, all going in the right direction, but if you look at it and think, "Is she nuts??", feel free to let me know!
I love the personal scrap booking side...
But also the clean, crisp, simplicity of this....
Just like those linky parties we have fun with. You check out every one's crafts n' recipes they love to share and you can make {or try!} I'm looking and tinkering...I'm finding my "place".
The look, feel, navigation...
Please be patient and I hope you continue to visit!
Have a great day!!