Sunday, November 11, 2012

Surprise Money Box~

My nephew turned 17 in October and I was completely stumped on what to get him! At seventeen, what does a teenage boy want? What does he need?...Easy answer: Money!!

Now, how to send it without it simply being bills stuck in a card??
{Can you believe 2 years ago the envelope was opened, money taken out and card still sent on it's way!?? Who does that?!?!?  Guess I'm the dummy for sending it that way!}.

I was going to black out jars and have him guess what was in them to get what was inside, but that became too complicated, so I came up with this instead which I think turned out pretty cute and is fun!
I used a truvia box, painted just the corners black and used modge podge to put scrap book paper on it.

{I love the new little birthday stamps I got from IMPRESS}
To try and trick him, I sent a little card with $10 bucks in it. I wrote, "Just a little something since I had no idea what you needed." Not that he would care if I only sent $10.00, but it might be a bit of a let down since he knows I always send more!
I took 40 ones and taped them together long ways...
I took a straw and cut it a tad bit widder than the box, so that it would slip in place, but not bulge out the box and tapped the first one to it and wrapped all the ones around it...
Made a cute little pull tag and tapped it to the top of the ones to "start the pull"...
{I smiled the entire time making it, thinking how funny
and clever I was being!}
Hee hee!!
Here it is all done!!!

I'll be using this idea again with 6 other nieces and nephews!
I chose orange and black for an October birthday, but a fun pink n' red would be great for February!!
Ahhh...the endless options....
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