Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Girls Get-A-Way~Card Night~

What a wonderful Girls Get-A-Way!! Some might think we're crazy, but I'd totally do it this way again....
My girlfriend and I did fundraising for the Run Of Hope (Pediatric Brain Tumor Research) last year earning a night at the Four Seasons in Seattle...oh no, that's not all...a 50 minute message for two AND dinner at the restaurant!! It was a perfect little night away, fun shopping and great food! We shopped all day, had an amazingly yummy dinner...then went back to our room! Here's where some might think we're a bit nuts....in the city, no kids, ready to hit the town...NOPE! We went back to our room and got our craft on!! We hit IMPRESS on the way up and had to try out our new goodies (along with the 3 small suitcases we brought from home!)! We made some super cute cards! (I sent a few out right away to brighten a few unexpecting wonderful loved ones!!)
It's like they knew and put a crafting table in our room! Kudos Four Seasons!! I am absolutely going to do this again!!! (Thanks Kimmie!)