Monday, February 20, 2012

Growing Your Blog Series~

Ok., I know I'm completely new to the blogging world, but I have to say WOW, I love it even more already! I don't have many peeps even reading this right now, but I'm stoked anyhoo!!!
When I decided to start I had absolutely NO IDEA of the magnitude of the blogging community. I read blogs, but before a few days ago I never "joined" and therefore never left comments...
That has all changed now!!! I hate to say, but I can't remember exactly how I came to be at the blog of Nichelle ( ) but I'm glad I was! I love her blog! It's fun (funny!), creative and inspiring! Through hers I also found another great blog, Gentri Lee ( ). Being so new, these looked like some established ladies that might be willing to give some advice, so what could it hurt, I shot them an email. I'm embarrassed to say, but honestly I didn't think I'd get a response...WRONG! Not only did they respond that very day, but they were both so willing to help! What sweet gals! There's a great "Grow Your Blog Series/Hop" that was featured (don't know if that's really how you describe it!) on Nichelle's blog...AMAZING!! This is truly how my eyes were opened to the size of the blogging world! What a wonderful and helpful idea Kelly (Love this blog as well!) shared ( ). Not only did she share this with us, but then acknowledged each blog that participated with a note! Ok, do you see how many participated??? Pretty Impressive!!!
After spending hours blog jumping I realized that there are SOOO MANY wonderful women and blogs out there and all seem very willing to support the blogging journey that I've chosen to enjoy! I'm thrilled to be taking this ride and can't wait to make some great bloggy friends!!! Now, grab your coffe, tea or drink of choice, turn off the TV, find a quiet cozy place, set a timer (ha!) and go bloggin' crazy when you check out above.....Let's face it, I couldn't get it to go where I wanted it!!! NEWBIE!!!