Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Women's Dress to kids~

Finally!! I never thought I'd get back here! Kiley went back to school last week and it's been a great time to get other things caught up! She's an only child and with me all the time, so it's been soooo quiet! I think it's harder for me than it is for her!
I didn't realize how seriously far behind I was getting on "work stuff"! It was more important to me to keep our family busy, but now I see some late work nights in my future for the next few weeks!!...{Along with some linking up!!!}

A lot of family time also means a lot of cooking! I've tried some great recipes {some not so great too!}, that I'd love to share! I've also started several projects, that my husband has so nicely added his input and said, "you seriously need to finish all those before you start something else!"... and others that I've tackled and conquered!! {whoot! whoot!}
I bought paint...that for me is like a little kid on Christmas morning staring at an amazingly wrapped present that I can't wait to rip open!!  I've actually bought gallons and spray!! It's crazy how much I love paint!!
Bottom line, I have sooooo much that I want to share!!!!

Since I started this post with my daughter, I'll end it the same...
Here's a dress that she found at a friends garage sale. She loved the pattern, but it's was a women's size 10! Uh, sorry Jo, it's too big...far cry from your kids size 8!! She's definitely my daughter...she says, "mom, you can up-do it!" Ahhh, she knows how to get me! Of course I can!!! {Or give it my all tryin'!}
So, here it is....

 I cut the top of the dress off, but left the "serious" stitching that held the bottom part together! I folded it over and sewed  leaving an opening for the elastic to be pulled through. How quick and easy for me!!!